JAR Tracking Ltd. was founded by a group of professionals with proven records in design, development of Telematics application using the latest Hardware technologies. Our goal is to provide the most stable, robust, and cost-effective solution through our global customer base of system integrators and service providers. In addition to our regular developments of new solution, we are particularly successful at providing customized modifications to meet project-specific requirements.


Advanced Security

Our vehicle tracking solutions which specifically designed to conformes with the Insurance anti theft demands. We utilise the most advanced technology in the world. With our anti Jamming and anti theft features you can pin-point the location of your vehicles anywhere in the world at any time…

Fleet Management

Our Various fleet management solutoins enable companies to track, monitor and manage their vehicle fleets. We understand the challenges that your company faces in knowing where vehicles are at all times, avoiding expensive break-downs and keeping overall operating costs down…

Fuel Management

Our Advanced, accourate and easy to install Fuel Management system enables fleet operators and owners to monitor and control vehicle fuel usage and efficiency, and fuel theft, as well as simplify and accelerate the vehicle refueling process. JAR Tracking pfferes a wide range of solutions.

Vehicle & Driver Safety

It is crucial to distinguish between driver performance and driver behavior. Not differentiating between them has caused, and continues to cause, confusion. The two concepts are: Driver performance – what the driver CAN do. Driver behavior – what the driver DOES do.

“By adding sensors and new telematics technologies to our turn key solutions we help our clients to gather a powerful insights.”

- By CEO


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