JAR Tracking’s cloud-based fleet management solutions enable companies to track, monitor and manage their vehicle fleets. We understand the challenges that your company faces in knowing where vehicles are at all times. Fleet management improves operational efficiency.

Employing an array of vehicle diagnostics, fuel, temperature and other sensors, our fleet management solutions can notify your mechanic when vehicles need an oil change, safety inspection or any scheduled service – guaranteeing servicing is performed on schedule and minimizing maintenance costs. And our fleet management software flags up inefficient drivers – flagging up speeding, excessive idling or aggressive driving.

Whether you only require periodic reports on your vehicle’s location, speed and direction or something much more sophisticated, we’ve got the solution for you to help reduce your running costs.

JAR Tracking Key Features

24/7 Vehicle Monitoring & Control

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Awareness System

Remote Vehicle Immobilizer

Real Time Accident Detection

Vehicle Services Scheduling

Business Intelligence Reporting

Trips and Playback Management

Temperature monitoring

Panic Button

Theft Prevention

Advanced driver Identification

Driving behaviour has a big impact on running costs when it comes to fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. Through monitoring your drivers, you can help them improve their driving styles, detect incidents such as breakdowns, accidents or theft.

You can also ensure drivers are complying with standards. This includes tracking allowable mileage for leased cars, or ensuring the vehicles aren’t taken outside of prescribed geofences. And, you can optimize service scheduling. You need your vehicles on the road. Using Jar Tracking cloud based platform, you can also continuously monitor vehicle health so you can plan your maintenance work to maximize vehicle utilization.

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