It’s imperative to understand your fuel consumption. Our solutions reduce costs.
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of a van's operating cost is fuel.
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of truck's operating cost is fuel.
The benefits to the transport and logistics industry are multifold, allowing you to monitor and control vehicle fuel usage and efficiency, prevent fuel theft and simplify & accelerate the vehicle refueling process.
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of fuel stolen from commercial fleets is skimmed or siphoned.

We offer a number of solutions to prevent fuel theft.

Risk management

Real-time alerts

Fuel sensors

Fleet care

Vehicle wear and tear can be extremely expensive, not to mention vehicle downtime. It’s not impossible though to reduce maintenance costs: Monitoring and changing the way vehicles are driven can have a direct impact on how often they are serviced or when parts need replacing.

Reducing harsh driving events such as acceleration, braking and cornering can significantly reduce maintenance costs by up to an average of 20%. We can help you work with our data to reduce overall maintenance costs, closely monitor fleet activity, schedule downtime and plan efficiently
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