At JAR Tracking, it’s our mission to create a safe environment, both in-cab and on the road. JAR Safety tools give you insight into how your vehicles are being driven, helping you to prevent accidents, reduce the likelihood of fatalities & injuries and protect your assets.
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Professional drivers face 40% more risk.
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probability of lethal collision.
Our cloud based platform enables you to monitor driver performance (what the driver can do) and driver behaviour (what the driver actually does). We provide the most accurate and reliable driver behaviour analyzer. It uses an advanced G-Sensor that detects up to 20 unsafe maneuvers in 3 different levels (normal, aggressive & dangerous), providing you with accurate analysis of the driver’s performance.

Driver Performance Analysis

Harsh Braking

Acceleration & Speeding

Lane Change

Right/Left Turns

Off-Road Driving

We also provide Tacho data which enables you to monitor and confirm that all your drivers are complying with the law and taking much-needed breaks during their working hours.

Our advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) alert the driver before vehicle or pedestrian collisions. And, our vehicle monitoring solutions not only enable you to keep track of engine performance and how and when vehicles are being used, they bring a whole array of benefits that help optimise safety levels, including decreasing the risk & severity of vehicle crashes, identifying ways to proactively reduce risk associated with vehicles and monitoring specific vehicle events.
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